Injuries Outside of Training

Aside from trauma or overuse, a lot of us put undue stress on our backs and knees when we sit. We sit at work, during commutes and at home. Hours and hours of holding the same position will cause the body to conform and stiffen. A lot of pretty serious health and athletic performance issues stem from sitting too much. So it’s best to, whenever possible, alternate between sitting and standing.

Here’s another quick tip: While sitting, think about sucking your belly button all the way back to your spine. This will set the muscles of the abdomen and lower back, helping you maintain good posture. Do this a few times an hour while you work or sit and your body will thank you for it.

Non-Athletic Footwear

Clearly there are a lot of choices when it comes to athletic footwear and everybody’s got an opinion. But what about the shoes you’re wearing the rest of the time? For instance, are the shoes you wear to work, or the shoes you wear when you go out with your friends and family actually comfortable?

Ideally, all of your footwear should keep your feet neutral. Neutral meaning your shoe doesn’t have an elevated heel or a confining, restrictive toe. High heels especially are just no good. When in doubt about purchasing a shoe, ask yourself “do my feet feel comfortable and neutral?”

Keep in mind that all of your choices affect your body. The decisions you make while not training will accumulate over time and have a big effect on your health and overall ability. Being kind to your feet at home and work is just one form of preventative maintenance that will ultimately allow you to train more efficiently.

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