Classes of Running Injury

This may be why you’re reading this Blog. Let’s keep it short and sweet. There are two forms of injuries, traumatic and overuse:

Traumatic injuries are caused by a singular and, you guessed it, acute, stressor. Tripping, striking something particularly hard, having someone fall on your knee (think rugby) – these are all traumatic injuries. They do their damage quickly and efficiently.


The other common form of injury is caused by Overuse. This Blog is concerned with these types of injuries, as they are the most common in the athletic realm and the most preventable (though of course, keeping yourself out of situations where someone/something may fall on you, will always help). Some common overuse injuries include: IT Band Syndrome, Achilles Tendinopathy and Plantar Fasciitis. They are the result of cumulative stress inflicted over days, weeks, and months.

Overuse injuries occur for exactly the reason you might suspect. You’re overdoing it. Whether you’re training too intensely or too often, or trying to push yourself too quickly, they’ll all lead you towards some kind of biomechanical breakdown.

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