3 Causes of Injury

Here are the three most common causes for overuse injuries:

  1. Over-doing it:

Every time you take a step while running you are dropping the entirety of your body weight onto your knees, ankles and feet! Humans are not Cheetahs! Give your muscles and central nervous system some time to adapt.


  1. Training too often:

There is a reason we don’t see real-life superheros – the human body can only endure so much. After a certain point your muscles, organs and CNS (central nervous system) fail to keep up with your effort and you actually start to break down and weaken instead of making gains and getting stronger.

  1. Pushing yourself too quickly:

Just because you feel like an Olympian your first week does not mean your body will function like an Olympian’s over the course of a month, or a year, or several years. You must organize your training schedule to allow adequate time for your body to Adapt to the increasing stress of your workouts.

Of course there is the old maxim of “no pain no gain”, but it’s up to the individual athlete to differentiate between soreness, fatigue and acute pain. One set of pain is par for the course, while the other requires a level of active recovery. Keep in mind that just because you provide yourself some active recovery – it doesn’t mean you should return to overtraining. The key to consistent improvement and consistent health is moderating your workouts such that you don’t violate the three above mentioned causes.

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